Art By Lora

About the Artist

I am a 24 year old self-taught artist from Cleveland, OH. I graduated from Kent State University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology & a minor in Pan-African Studies. My next step is to pursue a Masters in Counseling & Art Therapy.

I became interested in drawing in 2012, learning all of the fundamentals from YouTube, other online sources & drawing books. There was an artist that I stumbled across somewhere online who had the most unbelievable drawings. I remember thinking to myself "there's no way that isn't a photograph!" The feeling of having my eyes & brain believe that a drawing was actually a photograph blew me away. I had no idea that photorealism as a style of art even existed. When I started researching & seeing in photos and videos the capability of a pencil, I was sold on teaching myself. From that point on, I've been continuously growing, steadily trying to find new ways to improve & trying new techniques. I am very interested in graphite & it is the main medium that I use, but I also use colored pencils from time to time & ultimately hope to become skilled in oil painting one day.

Love is a huge part of who I am. It is what drives me, ultimately inspires me & excites me. I am moved by all emotions, but love is what I live for. I think creating, in any art form is important for expressing, experiencing, & balancing emotions.  I create the most when I am feeling the most, whether it is inspiration or pain that is the driving force. I see art as a way to understanding myself. My goal is to transform & release my feelings, positive, neutral, & negative, into something physical.

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